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English Book 6

What will I learn?


  • Use pre-reading strategies to predict the content of a text from topic / picture, title / headings etc. by using prior knowledge, asking questions and contextual dues
  • Skim text to infer theme/ main idea
  • Deduce meaning of new words from context
  • Make simple inferences using the context of the text and prior knowledge
  • Scan to answer short questions
  • Use critical thinking to respond to the text
  • Explore causes and consequences of a problem and propose various solutions


  • Language focus: Seek and respond to permission


  • Demonstrate the function and use of modal verbs should/ should not and must/ must not to express permission, prohibition, and obligation
  • Use transitional devices that show conclusion
  • Use the Present Continuous tense
  • Use quotation marks to enclose a direct quotation


  • Use a variety of pre-writing strategies such as brainstorming, mind mapping, outlining etc. to develop focus
  • Write short informal dialogue


  • Create self-created Cloze Passages for holistic language development


  • Make posters on various topics related to the theme for educating people