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English Book 6

Understanding Physical Well Being

What will I learn?


  • Use pre-reading strategies to predict the content of a text from topic / picture, title / headings etc. by using prior knowledge, asking questions and contextual clues
  • Skim text to have a general idea of the text
  • Apply critical thinking to interact with the text
  • Scan to answer short questions
  • Make simple inferences using the context of the text and prior knowledge
  • Respond orally or in writing


  • Language focus: Showing willingness and unwillingness to do something


  • Use pronouns as referents
  • Illustrate use of the Past Continuous tense
  • Use full stop, where applicable.


  • Write a paragraph using a variety of pre-writing strategies such as
    brainstorming, mind mapping, outlining etc. to develop focus
  • Write a simple unified paragraph on a given topic
  • Write a simple paragraph describing an object


  • Identify the title, and names of author and illustrator on children's book-covers
  • Acquire language holistically through Cloze Passages


  • Create a Get Well card with a message