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English For Class 7

What will I learn?


  • Have a general idea of the text
  • Infer theme/ main idea
  • Scan to answer short questions
  • Make simple inferences using the context of the text and prior knowledge
  • Deduce meanings of difficult words from context
  • Read silently with comprehension and extract main idea and supporting details
  • Scan to locate an opinion
  • Comprehend/interpret text by applying critical thinking
  • Apply world knowledge and own feelings / opinion to the text read

Listening and Speaking

  • Identify a problem and propose a solution

Language Practice

  • Recognize the function of, and use possessive pronouns
  • Demonstrate the use of collective, countable and uncountable nouns


  • Write a paragraph using a variety of pre-writing strategies such as brainstorming, mind mapping, outlining etc. to develop focus
  • Write a simple unified paragraph on a given topic by:
  • Writing a clear topic sentence
  • Adding adequate supporting details to develop the main idea

Study Skills

  • Doing free writing to overcome the fear of writing


  • Developing charts and speaking about the visual messages