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My English book for class 5

1.1 After the Holidays (Oral Communication)



The students will be able to use language verbally to:

  1. Greet each other
  2. Exchange social courtesies



Yasmin: Hello Saba! How are you?

Saba: I am fine. Thank you. What about


Yasmin: I'm fine. How were your holidays?

Saba: They were great fun. I read a lot of stories. What did you do in the holidays?

Yasmin: I learnt to make clay toys.

Saba: That's nice! Bye. May be, I'll learn to make clay toys from you.

Yasmin: You are welcome.



Teacher's Guidelines: Encourage students to repeat the dialogue to each other. For practice change names, places and activities in the dialogue. After enough practice ask pairs to come up and repeat the dialogue.