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My English book for class 5


The Sindh Textbook Board is an organization charged with the preparation and publication of textbooks in the province of Sindh. Its prime objective is to develop and produce textbooks which will equip the new generation with the knowledge, skills and values to prepare them to face the challenge of the rapidly changing world. In this aye of knowledge explosion and development of technology not witnessed in the human history, efforts have to be made to ensure that our children do not lag behind.

To accomplish this noble task, a team of educationists, working teachers and friends endeavor tirelessly to develop, test and improve contents, layout and design of the textbooks.

An attempt has been made in this textbook to include activities that will allow student to actively participate in their learning and as a guide to teachers so that these textbooks are used effectively by teachers and students. Suggestions by teachers and students using these textbook; will help us in further improving their qualitative contents.


Chairman, Sindh Textbook Board