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Pakistan Studies for Classes IX-X


1. Meaning, source and significance of ideology


  • Meaning of Ideology


The' word 'Ideology' is French in origin. It is made up of two components, namely, 'idea' and 'logy'. Ideology is a systematic body of concepts especially about life or culture. It could be the product of the great and influential minds or it could evolve as a result of Divine guidance.

Ideology is generally used in a wider perspective because human beings have unique way of thinking. It constitutes a system of human life whose integral parts are assertions, theories and objectives of human life. In a society the individuals should have common beliefs, customs, traditions and rituals.

Islamic Society is unique as compared to other societies in as much as it derives its source, principles and theories from the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah. Islam is a universal Deen i.e., it is a complete code of life. Its teachings put an end to the distinction of colour and race, and binds the individuals into eternal brotherhood. This is the reason as to why the thoughts, actions and customs of its individuals have to be in accordance with the principles of Islam. All rules and regulations of the Islamic Society are framed in the light of the teachings of-Islam. The individuals are bound to lead their lives in conformity with the Islamic code of conduct. The foundation of Islamic Society was laid down by  our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). Islamic Society is characterized by the divine principles of respect for humanity, tolerance, justice, equity and peaceful coexistence.


  • Source of Islamic Ideology


The promotion of an ideology depends on the extent of people's devotion, dedication and adherence to it.