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Physics For Classes IX-X


Learning Objectives


  • What is Physics.
  • Importance of Physics in daily life.
  • Thaching of Islam and Science.
  • Contribution of Muslim and Pakistani Scientists.


1.1 What Is Physics?


Almighty Allah created this universe billions of years ago with a single word "be" and at once it came into being. He inducted several principles and laws in it to sustain its function. Now from the day of their creation every particle of universe is following these laws. These laws are known as "THE LAWS OF NATURE". Apparently they are hidden from the eyes of mankind and are mysteries for him. Our solar system including our earth is a small component of this immense universe. This is composed of matter and hence is a physical world.

Human being is the best creature of Allah in this world and has been endowed with many qualities. One of them is to unfold and discover the Laws of Nature. He has curiosity in his nature.