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Science For Class 9 & 10

Learning objectives:

  • Develop attitude for the study of science.
  • Relationship of Science and Islam.
  • Quote some Quranic verses about scientific phenomena.
  • Appreciate the works and contributions of Muslim scientists.
  • Meaning and concept of science.
  • Branches of Science.
  • Inquire about the de velopments and inventions made in the field of science.
  • Role of science in the development of human society.
  • Impact of science on the society.
  • Impacts of science on human life and industry.


Science came into being when man first made the fire. It was the time when he lived in jungles and caves. He then started to live on, by hunting animals for which he made arrows and other tools for hunting. After that man started to eat the seeds of some plants. He started to collect some seeds and sowed them in rainy days. By and by he learned to culture the plants and thus agriculture began.

Man also learned to tame animals. Thus cattle, sheep and other animals were domesticated for flesh, milk, skins, riding and transportation. Man then invented the wheel which is thought to be his first and basic invention which is the land mark in the development of science. Thus civilization and science went on hand in hand and man began to live in colonies and extended mutual co-operation.