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Social Studies for Class 5



Learning Outcomes


After studying this chapter the students will be able to:

  1. Understand that there are 180 imaginary lines of latitude and 360 imaginary lines of longitudes.
  2. Name the main lines of latitudes and and longitudes.
  3. Locate the main lines of latitudes and longitudes on a globe and on a map.
  4. Use latitudes and longitudes to locate major cities of Pakistan and of the World.
  5. Use the index of an atlas to locate places.
  6. Use latitudes and longitudes in determining directions.
  7. Identify time zones and relate them to longitudes.
  8. Identify the significance of the location of Pakistan.
  9. Recognize that there are many kinds of maps and choose the best map for the purpose at hand.
  10. Read and interpret scales (expressed as a statement or bar) on different maps.
  11. Use the map scale to measure roads and rivers, and determine distance between places.