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Social Studies for Class 5

Chapter 2 - The Physical Regions of Pakistan and the World



Learning Outcomes


After studying this chapter the students will be able to:

  1. Define the term "Regions" and give examples.
  2. Identify the key physical regions of
  3. Describe the distinctive characteristics /features of each physical region of
  4. Locate physical regions sharing similar characteristics on a world map.
  5. Compare the life of the people living in different physical regions of Pakistan with people living in similar regions in other countries.
  6. Locate, interpret and present information in the form of a tourist guide book of the country of their choice.
  7. Define the term Interdependence.
  8. Identify the variety of ways in which people are interdependent.
  9. Describe the ways the people of Pakistan are interdependent.
  10. Explain various ways in which the countries of the world are dependent.