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Social Studies for Class 5

Chapter 3 - Climate



Learning Outcomes


After studying this chapter the students will be able to:

  1. Define climate.
  2. Explain the reasons for differences in climate.
  3. Differentiate between climate and weather.
  4. Identify the general types of climate (based on latitude).
  5. Identify the different climatic regions on a world map.
  6. Compare different climatic regions.
  7. Describe the climate in the different physical regions of Pakistan.
  8. Describe how the climate of different physical regions affects the life over
  9. Use given information to calculate the average temperature and monthly rainfall of different places.
  10. Construct bar graphs from given climatic data.
  11. Explain the various ways by which the human beings activities affect climate.
  12. Explain how human beings activities are responsible for the greenhouse
  13. Identify individual and societal actions that can be taken to reduce adverse effects of human beings activities on climate.