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Social Studies for Class 5

Chapter 10 - Means of Information



Learning Outcomes


After studying this chapter the students will be able to:

  1. Identify the various means of information.
  2. Differentiate between mass-media and non mass-media.
  3. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of various means of
  4. Identify the role of media in the political process.
  5. Distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information.
  6. Differentiate between different points of view on a subject in newspapers articles and news
  7. Identify bias in advertisements and news reports.
  8. Interpret information from newspapers, television, and
  9. Make a class newspaper (informative articles, advertisements, editorials, news items, weather reports, cartoons, etc.).
  10. Create a public service message on a current social or environmental issue for radio, television, newspaper or
  11. Conduct a survey with students in their school to identify the most and least popular TV program and share the information (organize information in the form of tables, graphs, and charts).
  12. Defend their position on which is the most important means of information today.