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Social Studies for Class 5

Chapter 12 - The System of Government in Pakistan



Learning Outcomes



By the end of this chapter students will be able to:

  1. Give reasons for the need of a federal government.
  2. Compare the formation of government at provincial and federal levels.
  3. Compare the working of the three branches of government.
  4. Describe the function of political parties in a democratic system.
  5. Explain the relationship between the provincial and federal government in
  6. Identify the steps of the law making process in Pakistan.
  7. Construct a simple chart to show the relationship and processes between the different courts in Pakistan.
  8. Discuss the importance and authority of Supreme Court over the High
  9. Identify a major issue and investigate how the law can help to solve the
  10. Understand the importance of the constitution.
  11. Interpret some rights of citizens given in the constitution of Pakistan.
  12. Identify behaviors that have been guided by the concerns for the
  13. Use a problem-solving strategy to suggest ways to solve a national
  14. Participate in projects designed to help others in their local
  15. Identify a national/ current issue and find the actions that the government is taking and suggest alternative actions to solve the problem.