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Social Studies for class 6

Chapter 1 - Knowing and Understanding the Past


Unit Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)


  • Explain the importance of knowing and understanding the past.
  • Identify sources of historical evidence and information (e.g. archaeology, artifacts).
  • Explain how the various sources of historical evidence and information facilitate our understanding of the past.
  • Define with examples the concept of world - view, society and
  • Describe influences that create differences in world-view (e.g. culture, time, place, cross-cultural interactions, media, and governance).
  • Give reasons why societies may stay the same or change over time.
  • Describe ways in which societies organize, maintain and perpetuate themselves.
  • Relate various theories of the origin of human life.
  • Identify the characteristics of the way of life of hunter-gatherers.
  • List the advantages and disadvantages of a hunter-gatherer way of
  • Identify the factors which contributed in modifying a hunter-gatherer society into early agrarian society.
  • Describe the development of agrarian society.
  • Explain how agrarian society differed from hunter-gatherer society.
  • Identify by giving examples the influence of the natural environment on the development of societies (e.g. rivers).
  • Compare the concepts of society and civilization.
  • Define with examples the term culture.