KarMuqabla Non-Stop Tournament - Live now!

Your chance to create your own path through a tournament that just doesn't stop.  Multiple win points and non-stop excitement. Play every day to qualify for our weekend battles. Win these battles to secure a place in the Grand Prize Battle of Brains. Non-stop learning. Non-stop fun.

Weekly Showdown 004 is now live for ...

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Champion Brain!
Fahad Waqas
Nov 2019 Winner

Even having fun has some rules!

Play every day to secure a place in our weekend battle

Choose any subject, any topic in any grade

Rank in the top 10 to book your place in the weekend showdown

Stay in the top 10 in our weekly battles to win attractive prizes and book a place in the final

There's soom for only one - actually three - at the top

The winner of the monthly Grand Prize Battle of Brains gets exactly that - a grand prize

IMPORTANT: Only bonafide students of school going age (16 or under) are eligible for our prize scheme

IMPORTANT: Previous prize winners may play and win and their results will be acknowledged but they will not be eligible for any more prizes.

IMPORTANT: Minimum 25 games needed for next level qualification

Weekly Showdown 004

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Battle of Brains November 2019

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