Our Team

Wedded to the maxim that basic education is a fundamental right, we at Houndbyte firmly believe that no one should have to pay for a fundamental right. That is why we are happy to lend our expertise to governments at all levels across Pakistan at no cost to the taxpayer.

Kanwal Raees


My name is Kanwal Baig. I am currently enrolled in ICMAP and have already finished with Business Computerized Accounting from E-sharp Institute. I feel deeply engaged with my work for Houndbyte as a Content Manager which sits well with my interest in design. My online clothing page MRB Fashion will give you some idea of my interest in fashion design and digital marketing. I love traveling and meeting people from different societies and cultures.

Wajahat Wahid


My name is Wajahat Wahid. I am currently studying for BS in Commerce at Karachi University and I was delighted to be asked to work as a Content Manager with Houndbyte. Despite the stiff targets, I love the flexibility it offers me while being part of a cutting edge venture in the field of education. I like history and literature and love playing cricket and reading.

Masham Adil


My name is Masham Adil (please pronounce it Mashaam, and not Masham!). I am studying Commerce and my goal is to be an accountant. I am delighted with the opportunity of working as a Content Manager for Houndbyte. I believe life can be as simple as you make it so live, let live and smile.