Thank you for playing Back to School Tournament

One month of exciting contests later, KarMuqabla says a huge thank you to hundreds of players who turned BTS into the only game in town across Pakistan's educational landscape. A huge thank you also to the dozens of winners who played thousands of games, scoring hundreds of thousands of points

What is next in the KarMuqabla playground? Stay tuned.

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To all BTS winners
Thank you for playing KarMuqabla

How to Play

The BTS quiz ran for four weeks attracting over 100 players

18 players won our custom made KarMuqabla school bags!

Three champions won our weekend prize - a Qtab V90!

Thousands of games were played during these four weeks.

Weekend Medleys proved to be the most popular with hundreds of games played by champions from many different schools

BE CAREFUL: KarMuqabla does not like foul play and those attempting it may be barred from participating in tournaments.

IMPORTANT: Only bonafide students of school going age (16 or under) are eligible for our prize scheme.

ONCE IS ENOUGH! A champion can only win a daily or a weekly prize once during a school term.

Toughest game of BTS

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Back to School Champions

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