Innovating the Future

At Houndbyte Technologies, we are especially committed to the less privileged – the bottom of the pyramid – which, despite its overwhelming numerical majority, remains at a perpetual disadvantage compared to the privileged few for reasons of access or affordability. That is why our state of the art technology applications are custom built for the bottom of the pyramid, catering to their exact educational needs, and completely free to use.


Wedded to the maxim that basic education is a fundamental right, we at Houndbyte firmly believe that no one should have to pay for a fundamental right. That is why we are happy to lend our expertise to governments at all levels across Pakistan at no cost to the taxpayer.

Our 3G-optimised website helps students test themselves against hundreds of thousands of their peers through our innovative gaming software. They play the game, and the software tells them how much they know, how much is left and how well they match up to their peers. Like we said, it is all in their grasp. No need for expensive computers or broadband connection. Any old smartphone with and ordinary SIM will do. Low data usage ensures maximum gameplay for anyone and everyone.

Muqabla Pro

Pakistan is fast on the road to becoming a mobile-first economy which is why for our students, Houndbyte is ahead of the game. Backed by, MuqablaPro is an even more powerful learning tool that is once again, absolutely free. Available on Andriod and iOS, MuqablaPro takes the learning experience to an entirely new level by allowing users to compete directly with whoever they want. Students can compete against their friends in one-to-one combat, make a team and challenge rival teams or compete in tournaments to win attractive prizes that will further aid their educational pursuits. Not only that, MuqablaPro keeps track of their progress in any subject or topic so that they are always aware of where they stand when it comes to their education needs.