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Committed to creating technology-based interventions in the field of education, we develop web-based and mobile applications that are geared towards helping Pakistan’s younger generation better manage their educational needs, hone their skills and find an edge over their contemporaries by using innovative educational tools.

Welcome to KarMuqabla


Ready and willing to jump into the exciting new world of distance learning through gaming? You have come to the right place! Be a part of Pakistan’s most innovative edu-gaming and distance learning team.


Tired of using your skills for the same old, same old? Use your knowledge of HTML5, JavaScript, MySQL and Unity to blend learning with joy, studying with fun and gaming with productivity.

Graphic Artists

You know that a picture is worth a thousand words. What you draw with a tablet can mean the world to millions of students out there. Jump in and take them out for the ride of their life!


Keen to find new worlds to explore and to tell others about it? Introduce schools to the KarMuqabla universe – Pakistan’s only edu-gaming platform that turns the chore of school work into an exciting game.


If anything short of a complete and in-depth understanding of others is not your game, then this is not the place for you. Try us at KarMuqabla, where we value data-driven responses and improvements.


Bosses, clients, students, teachers, principals, parents – bringing them together is an art form. Good at it? Give us a call if you excel at bringing a diverse range of people together for a common objective.

What do we want from our team?

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Content Specialist – English


Content Specialist – Mathematics


Content Specialist – Science


Content Specialist – Social Sciences


Outreach Coordinator