KarMuqbla Race to the Top Tournament

This is a monthly tournament in which the quiz changes every day and the winners are decided on the basis of their overall play every week as reflected in the Tournament leaderboard. The tournament leaderboard will be reset at midnight every Friday.

At present, the subjects that the players will be quizzed on include:


Social Studies




Terms and Conditions

  • Race to the Top tournament is open only to our affiliate schools. Our affiliate schools include those schools across Pakistan that have agreed to registered their students for complete use of the KarMuqabla tournament.
  • The format of Race to the Top tournament may vary from week to week.
  • No quiz other than the one posted specifically for the tournament will count towards the tournament score.
  • Multiple logins from the same user ID may result in the account being blocked. In such instances, players may lose their scores and position on the leaderboard and KarMuqabla will be under no obligation to restore their scores and positions.
  • By clicking on the Enter Tournament or Play Now button, users agree to the terms and conditions of this tournament.
  • KarMuqabla will not be responsible for any connectivity issues that may prevent some users from login on to the website.
  • Once user IDs have been generated and sent to affiliate schools, it will be the exclusive responsibility of users to maintain confidentiality of the their passwords and account details.
  • The winners will be notified through emails within 48 hours after the tournament concludes.
  • KarMuqabla takes no responsibility for the prizes secured from third party vendors and once the prizes are received by winners, the upkeep, maintenance or any kind of trouble shooting issues will be the exclusive responsibility of the recipients.
  • Users can only win one prize per tournament. In the event of the same user topping the leaderboard in multiple weeks, the prize will go to the next best performing player provided that the player has also not won a prize before.
  • In case of technical outage of whatever nature, KarMuqabla will be under no obligation to compensate for time lost during any such outage.