Why are we growing so rapidly?

Our 14% month on month growth last year is a great indicator of the trust that schools, parents and students immediately develop in us on the basis of our sterling content, ease of use and unprecedented engagement tools available on our platform.

With our commitment to enable more and more schools to adopt technology for delivery of quality education, we are pioneers in leveling out a massively skewed playing field.

Innovating the Future!


Students Spend most of their time on mobiles, tablets or laptops but education delivered to them is through conventional means, causing a crisis of engagement.


  • Delivery – complete curriculum told as a fun and engaging story.
  • Engagement – Creative gamified content that keeps students hooked.
  • Language – Students’ choice for better comprehension and retention.


Despite spending large sums on their children’s education, parents have no automated mechanism to remain aware of their day to day progress


  • Fun and engaging parent-child activity
  • On demand real time online progress analytics
  • Super low cost substitute for expensive tuitions


Teachers continue to struggle with their workload, barely finding time to pay attention to specific needs of their students.


  • Continuous assessments that highlight specific strengths or weaknesses of every student.
  • Distance teaching module packed with content and relevant lesson plans.
  • Automated real time online report cards and performance comparisons.

Figure it out!









100,000+ mins


Rs 1,500,000+


Welcome to Digital Learning

We take pride in our academic and production teams who bring knowledge to life, be it the complex world of numbers, the evolution of languages, the ways of science or a peak into our history

Social Studies – Understanding Pakistan
From geography to culture, from food to clothes and from languages to famous landmarks – everything you need to know about Pakistan.
English – Prepositions
We all know that grammar is not like mathematics where every problem has one definite solution. But that doesn’t mean grammar doesn’t have rules. The trick lies in knowing when to use them.
Urdu – Singular and Plural
Urdu grammar pulling you down? It’s all about knowing the rules – just as you learn where to add s and -es to make plurals, here is a rule that will help you with Urdu!
Science – Materials & Objects
Nature has given us so many different things, and the intelligence to use these to make even more stuff for our day to day use. Let us start our journey into understanding what we know about materials and objects

KarMuqabla Debates


Education is not simply a product that you manufacture and sell for profit. It is a duty of care, and as unique in its nature as individuals themselves.

That is why engagement is a cornerstone of our business ethos.

We engage parents and teachers in insightful exchange of views on all aspects of our educational ecosystem so that KarMuqabla evolves in sync with the needs and expectations of all stakeholders. 

Proud to be loved 🙂

Performance speaks for itself. That is why instead of us talking about us,

we let our champions speak on our behalf.

Creating Future Leaders

We all think we work really hard but perhaps none of us is more hardworking than the millions of students looking to shape a future for themselves. Here are some glimpses of how KarMuqabla rewards its diligent and loyal user base.