SpellKar Competition Overview

Round 1: School Round/Qualifying Round

The first part of the competition will be held at your school for all the students registered by your school. The participants will be required to spell a total of 10 words within the allotted time using our specially designed online SpellKar module. The results of the test will be available immediately on completing the round. Top 50% of the total participants from all schools from each group will qualify for the knockout round.

Round 2: Knock Out Round

This round will also be held at your school’s premises for qualifiers from your school under your supervision. In the knock out round, participants will be asked to spell 15 words within the allotted time. Top 25% of the total participants from each group will win a place in the quarter finals.

Round 3: Quarter Finals

This will be the final school-based round to be held at your premises. Quarter-finalists will be given 15 words to spell in the allotted time and the top 20 from each group from all the quarter-finalists will win a place in the semi-finals.

Round 4: Semi Final

This round will be held at a venue organized by SpellKar. The semi-finalists will be given a set of 15 words and the top 10 in each group will book their place in the Finals. All semi-finalists are expected to bring their smart phones or tablets with them while the venue will have Wi-Fi connectivity organized by SpellKar.

Round 5: The Final

The finals will be played at a venue organized by SpellKar between the top 10 players in each group. They will get to play for the title of the SpellKar Champion, 1st Runner up & 2nd Runner up for their respective group.

Finals will consist of three parts itself.

  • 1. MCQs – in the first round, contestants will be asked to spell 10 words by picking from four choices of possible spellings for each word.
  • 2. My Choice – Participants will be able to pick from three given categories and spell 10 words from their chosen category in the allotted time. Each category can be chosen 5 times only.
  • 3. Master Touch – Participants will be given the last 5 words to spell and seal their place in the top three winners.
  • Winners will be announced right after the end of the final round.