SpellKar Rules and Regulation

  • The tournament will be conducted in English.
  • Every question in every round of the tournament will be timed and the time taken to answer will impact the score. The faster you answer, the better the score.
  • The fee paid for the tournament is non-refundable.
  • The word bank will serve as a reference guide and will give a basic idea of the tournament to all the participants.
  • Words can be asked from anywhere.
  • Once the schools have nominated their participants, there will be no changes whatsoever in the names of participants. In case any participant fails to take the test on the given date, he/she will be disqualified from the tournament and will not be allowed to take the test again, nor will the entry fee be refunded.
  • Each question will have a time limit of 40 seconds during which the contestant will be able to play the word as many times as they wish. They must submit their answer before the time runs out. The meaning, a sentence to contextualize the word and its phonetic guide will be provided with every word.
  • Contestants are expected to type in their answers.
  • The winners will be declared on the basis of their scores and how quickly they answered a particular question.
  • The participants and the teacher conducting the test must take an integrity pledge before beginning the tournament and shall comply with the tournament rules and guidelines stated here.
  • Contestants are expected to familiarize themselves with the format of the tournament using SpellKar practice module. Once any round in the tournament starts, they will not have the time to raise any queries related to the tournament.
  • Contestants are reminded to be mindful of their responses as an answer once submitted cannot be revised or changed.

For the Semi-final & Final:

  • Participants will come in their proper school uniforms.
  • In case of any inappropriate action by a participant or supporter, the moderator will have the right to disqualify that school/participant.
  • For the semi-finals and finals, SpellKar will require some form of Student ID to ensure that a particular student lies in the grade they have registered for.
  • Pin drop silence to be maintained throughout the competition.
  • Mobile phone either to be turned off or to be switched to silent mode.