How to make best use of Books

Our website only has books that publishers would like to make available free of cost to our users. We do not sell textbook board books online. At the moment, all the Sindh Textbook Board books for English medium schools are online. We are working to bring their Urdu medium versions online as well. The books may be read on free of cost any time you like.

For choosing the book that you want, please click on the books tap at the top of the home page. It will take you to the books page.


The right side of the page displays the last viewed books while on the left you will see a series of filters. In the image above, the user has chosen Grade 5 science book. You may choose any book in any subject and grade using this filter. Once the choice is made (the chosen icons will turn orange), click on the Apply Filter button to go to the book.


Clicking on the apply filter button will display all the books that fall within your selection. Click on the one you are looking for and the book will open.

The left panel on the page lists the chapters. You can click on anyone to read the chapter. If you stop anywhere, just click on the Bookmark This Page icon on the top right of your screen and it will remember where you left off so the next time you open this book, it will take you exactly to the page where you left.

Once you have finished the chapter, soon as you finish reading the last page, will ask you if you want to test your knowledge about what you have read by playing a quiz.

Click on Yes, I’m Ready to play the quiz or click on Read Again to go back to your reading.

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