How to Play Muqablas is designed to help you study and test your knowledge as and when you want. In other words, it makes you your own teacher!

Choosing a grade, subject or topic is very easy. Just click on the Muqablas button at the top of the menu bar to go to the books page.

Muqabla on Navigation Screenshot

On the Muqablas page, you will see the recently played Muqablas on the right while on the left side is the filter that helps you choose the quiz that you want to play. For example, this user below has chosen Grade 5 Science. You can see that his choices are highlighted in green and on clicking on the apply filter button, all Muqablas in that subject or topic are listed at the right side of the page.

Muqabla Search Filter Screenshot

When you have decided which Muqabla to play, you can start it by clicking on the Enter Muqabla button on the right. Before it starts, it will give you time to relax and get ready for playing with this prompt:

Muqabla Start Quiz Screenshot

Click the start button and your quiz with the timer will start.

Muqabla Select your Answers Screenshot

Every quiz consists of 10 multiple choice based questions that must be answered before the timer at the bottom right of the screen runs out. Your chosen answers will turn green. Remember that you can change your answer at any point before the timer runs out. If you finish the quiz before the allocated time, click on the Submit button to submit your quiz. If you do not manage to finish with the allocated time, the quiz will be automatically submitted and you will get your scorecard.

Muqabla Results Stats Screenshot

This detailed result card will show you the number of questions you got right and the points you scored (top right), the time and duration of your play (top left) as well as your percentage score as compared to the average score for that quiz. The black bar at the bottom of the result card shows you how many people you beat with your score.

Since aims to help you study (while playing), you can review your answers below the scorecard.

Muqabla Results Correct Answers Screenshot

You can see which questions you got right, which of your answers were wrong and what was the correct answer to the ones answered wrongly. Isn’t that great? If you want to continue practicing this topic, you can click on Play Again button to call up a new quiz within that topic.

Muqabla Results Play Again Screenshot

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